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Annual Report


The purpose of this group assignment was to organize a company’s online report, as well as design a matching PDF version. The process of creating the website taught me teamwork, coordination, and unity. An important factor in this project was to follow the organization’s existing style and design regulations when creating the illustrations, text and visual themes.

Software used: Dreamweaver & Illustrator

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Online Order Form

Sweet Impressions

The design of this form is made to be as user-friendly, simple and as easy to follow as possible. It is an online interactive form which contains a variety of options and fields created in Adobe Acrobat. This project was made for a company called Sweet Impressions, a cupcake bakery. I kept this in mind when designing the layout and choosing the colours.

Software used: Acrobat & InDesign


6-Word Story

This project was created to display emotions by using a short sentence and an illustration with hidden meaning. My story is about two people who are arguing and in pain, but have to let time pass instead of making rash decisions. The illustration uses brushes to convey the feelings of the two people while they are sitting inside a clock. The concept behind the words was the focal point of the design.

Software used: Illustrator


What's for Lunch?

There were many steps involved in creating this project, including creating the text, the layout and the illustrations. The assignment was to make a 12-page brochure that would guide new students to the best places to eat at Vanier College. This booklet includes more than 50 illustrations and text written entirely by me. This project taught me to work efficiently and meticulously.

Software used: Illustrator & InDesign


Form Design System

Moment Wedding Planners is a company that I invented in order to make this booklet. It is used as a reference or guide by the graphic designer of the company to create forms that match the existing style of the company. I created two forms to use as examples in the document and wrote simple text to give a description for each section.

Software used: Illustrator & InDesign


Mr. Molecule

Mr. Molecule is a children’s newsletter that was made following the standards of a real newspaper. This project helped me design when having a specific target audience in mind, which for this project was children from 8-12. I learned to make a specific length of text look nice in a layout while incorporating illustrations. The process was cool because we first created a mood board and then had to create different options for a flag. Using these techniques I was sure to have the right target audience and eye catching title.

Software used: Illustrator & InDesign


Montreal This Week

The goal of this project was to design a weekly newsletter for interesting activities in Montreal. I used a winter theme, which incorporates blues and other warm colours, throughout the four pages, while keeping in mind a list of newsletter elements that I had to include. After completing the print version, I used links to make the PDF version interactive and fun.

Software: Illustrator, InDesign & Photoshop


Wine label and booklet

The objective of this project was to create an abstract label for a white wine bottle from New Zealand. I chose to focus on the famous Kiwi bird from that region and design it with several brush strokes to give it an elegant, light feeling. Afterwards, I made the matching booklet to compliment the wine bottle, but made sure it would not overpower the label.

Software: Illustrator & InDesign

Annual Report

Dans la rue

This is a 12-page annual report for an organization called Dans la rue. The challenge of this project was to design a specific length of text in a page design with all the images taken by me. An aspect that I had to keep in mind was the existing look of the organization as well as the hierarchy of the information.

Software used: Illustrator, InDesign & Photoshop

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Book Cover


This is the back cover of the yearbook for my program. Students voted for their favourite cover and it won first place in my class. I designed this using theme that uses a bright and fun colour palette, which suits the feeling that this program expresses

Software used: Illustrator


Record Cover Design

This personal project is an album cover inspired by the singer Passenger for his song called Anywhere. I chose to illustrate all the places he lists in a light, playful style because of the way the song made me feel. If you already know the words to this song, the illustrations will make sense to you. It is a creative way to add meaning to the cover.

Software used: Illustrator

Logo Design

Grampa Beard

I made this logo based on a client’s demands to have a simple, but different look in the beard grooming industry. I was able to offer several styles, such as thick and thin lines, while still keeping in mind the target audience the company aims for as well as the general look they want. The different options show different concepts and plays on typography.

Software used: Illustrator

Personal Project

Guess Who Game

While working with a partner we got the idea to make a Guess Who game using students and teachers from our program. After taking quick photos, we shared the workload to illustrate over 40 people. The final product is great because you can actually play the game by placing our boards into a real game trays.

Software used: Illustrator


Yarmouth Bay Dog Treats

This project was a working process. I was assigned the name of a company and from only that I started by designing a logo from several sketches, then a business card and letterhead, and finally three package designs. Branding was a challenge because there is more involved than a pretty design. It shows skills like unity and cohesiveness.

Software used: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop

Web Design


Design Software

Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Acrobat


New ideas, conceptual design & fresh young eyes


Attention to details, Typography & Color Theory

Get to know Me

My name is Kelly and I am a graphic design student at Vanier College. I discovered my passion for art and creation when I was in high school. I was never really good at drawing or painting, so when I enrolled in my first media class I was in heaven. Finally I was able to express myself and let my imagination go wild in a way that didn’t look like a scribble. Now, in college I have been able to grow and expand my skills to use different software and produce a variety of visuals.

I love making things, but I love making things better even more. Critique is something I enjoy because it allows me to grow and improve on my work. I think I am an easy person to work with because I can be a leader or a follower. When the team is slacking I can take control to get the group moving again, but when someone else has the stand, I can take my place and do what I have been assigned.

1. Illustrator

I can use this program to make pretty much anything. I like using it the most for drawing and getting my imagination flowing. It allows my to have the freedom to quickly design something in my mind before I jump to the next idea. Illustrator is where I design all my logos, illustrations and more.

2. Photoshop

This is the best tool to adjust photos because it allows me to change them in anyway I want. If I want a layout to look unified and consistent I will use Photoshop to make all my images fit together by changing the colour tints. There is also the retouching aspect to it. I can fix all the little details that should not be there, or make someone look more appealing. I am not pro cosmetic retouching to the point that the person is not recognizable, tho I am certainly able to give that effect.

3. InDesign

This is where the magic happens. This program allows me to place all my work from Illustrator and Photoshop to make the most beautiful layouts. Business cards, posters, booklets, pamphlets, etc. are all completed in InDesign. Using this software, I can also make interactive PDFs and photo collages.

4. Dreamweaver

HTML, PHP, CSS, and JQUERY are all programing languages I am familiar with. Using Dreamweaver I can design a website that is visually appealing and works well. I have made annual reports and charts, games, tutorials, portfolios, image galleries, single and multiple page sites, animations, hovers, and many more in code. What I love about web is how easily I can learn new things because of all the tutorials that are out there. I am able to understand new ways of coding by reading it online.

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